Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fort Gaines

The walking path thru the forest to the beach

Fort Gaines

Wow, I really need to read the blog before I post them. I hope that last blog made sense to you... it seemed pretty messed up.

We went over to Fort Gaines this morning. It is really in good shape even though it is 190 years old. Actually, the island was first mapped in 1519 which seems hard to believe. It was first called Massacre Island because there were stacks of bones on the island. Perhaps a Native American burial ground. It has had some kind of fort on it since the early 1700's. One was destroyed by pirates. This place really has some cool history.

This area was very important in the Civil War because Mobile was one of the last open supply points for the Confederate Army.

Magic & I went on a really long walk this evening. There is an Audubon Bird Sanctuary next to the campground and some of the walking paths go over there. Magic didn't want to walk the way that the path was going over to the sanctuary so I picked him up and carried him. I don't think that he thought I knew where I was going. Well, turned out he was right. We managed to find our way back but we really walked a long ways. :-) I guess next time I'll listen to him.

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