Monday, March 28, 2011

Dauphin Island, Alabama

This place is fabulous. I wish that we hadn't stay at the last place so long and had come here earlier. Although I don't know that we couldn't have gotten in the campground. I think that we had to wait for some of their snowbirds to go home.

Anyway, we had a great drive of a whopping 100 miles. The last few miles were on a two lane road down from I-10 and it was a beautiful drive. There were lots of pine and magnolia trees along the way as well as lots of huge azalea bushes all in bloom.

I had no idea how huge Mobile Bay is. You can't see Mobile at all across all that water. The bay is on one side of the island and the Gulf of Mexico is on the other side. From the campground you can see the water of the Bay and then if you take a short walk thru a beautiful forest you come out on the Gulf.

It's really a fabulous place. We drove to the end of the island to the west which is much more just sand and no trees. Then we are pretty close to the eastern end of the island. There is an old fort there that we will go see tomorrow.

I'll try to get pictures tomorrow. I kept forgetting to take my camera with me today.

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