Saturday, April 2, 2011

Memphis & Graceland

The pictures won't behave so you'll have to forgive this weird format. The duck march Graceland Elvis's Grave Whew .. we are tired. We got on a tour bus this morning for a tour of Memphis. We went by the Sun recording studio where Elvis recorded his first few hits. We stopped at St Jude's Children's Hospital. We ate lunch (barbeque, of course) down on Beale street and got to listen to some live blues. We drove by the site where Martin Luther King was assassinated. We also went to the Peabody Hotel where they have the "Duck March" twice a day where these 5 ducks parade from the elevator across a red carpet and over to a fountain in the lobby at 11 am and then back at 5 pm. Very cute. When we got back from that tour, we got in the truck and drove the couple of blocks from the RV park down to Graceland. It was very interesting. We had really forgotten how many gold records and platinum albums Elvis had. It was astounding. I can't believe that we actually considered not going to Graceland. It was definitely worth the trip. I'm ready to just sit down for awhile.

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