Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tornado and quarter size hail

We woke up this morning after a nice quiet night to find out that a tornado touched down in a town about 20 miles from where we were. Very strange that we got no wind or rain at all during the night. If you want to see the tornado video somebody took it is on youtube under Austin Minnesota tornado.

We set a record for getting showered and taking off this morning trying to beat a big thunderstorm before it got to us. We did great ... it started to rain just as we pulled out of the campground. We then drove north away from the storm but later in the day we hit another severe thunderstorm that was throwing down quarter sized hail. We tried to find an underpass to hide under but others had beaten us to them. We just kept driving as soon were out of it. There doesn't seem to be any damage and it washed the trailer pretty good.

We are safe and sound in Fargo, North Dakota now. Off to South Dakota tomorrow

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