Saturday, June 20, 2009

Beautiful downtown Mitchell, South Dakota

Luckily, no violent thunderstorms yesterday. Today is supposed to be hot and dry. We are at a KOA in Mitchell for two days to catch our breath. We got the oil changed in the truck yesterday and washed it. We were sort of stuck in the mud in the campground in Fargo and got mud all over the truck & trailer. We also did 3 loads of wash. We know how to party on a Friday night ! We want to get all of these chores done so that when we are in Custer and the Badlands we don't have to waste time doing them.

Today we are going into see the Corn Palace. It is this huge building covered with corn kernels all over the outside. I read last night that it takes 275,000 ears of corn to redo the palace exterior each year. Every year they change the murals to something different. We also need to do some grocery shopping.

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