Monday, June 15, 2009

Michigan, Indiana, Illinois & Wisconsin

Busy couple of days. Yesterday we drove along the south side of Lake Erie for several hours and then went up to Michigan on I-94. We had a beautiful campsite in a Michigan state park (Fort Custer Recreation area). It was sort of expensive because you have to buy an auto pass into the state park for $8, then $21 for camping, and $8.50 for the reservation fee. I think if I had it to do again, I'd just get a KOA. Today we drove thru the top corner of Indiana (around Lake Michigan) and the same for Illinois except we tried to go around Chicago as much as we could. I could see the tall buildings off in the distance. I would have liked to have camped somewhere near Chicago and gone in on a tour like we have done several other places but there was nothing nearby.

Now we are just outside of Madison, Wisconsin in a Wisconsin State Park. Again we had to pay $20 for the state park pass plus the camping fee so kind of expensive but very pretty. Huge big oak trees.

We are staying here tomorrow also to give us a day to rest before we take off for Minnesota. When we started out, we bought a map of the US to put on the side of the trailer that you put each state on as you go there. We cheated and added the states that we had already been to but we are now only missing Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota to have all of the continental US. Then we will just need to go to Alaska and we will have all 50 !

My computer went haywire. I took it into Best Buy to the Geek Squad and they said that Windows was corrupted so I can't fix it until I get home and have more time. I ended up buying the most inexpensive pc they had and hope that they'll let me return it when I get home. But for right now I can't download my pictures. Oh, well. Home soon.

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