Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lake Erie and West Virginia

We (meaning Cathi) decided to drive to West Virginia today. We were going to have this gapping hole the shape of West Virginia in our map of the United States on the side of the trailer. It was only about 100 miles down to the Ohio/West Virginia border so we went down and crossed over the Ohio River at East Liverpool, Ohio. Now, when the trip is over the only state that Donnie & I won't have been to in the continental US is North Dakota. I just don't see any way that we can swing North Dakota. I was going to go up and across on I-94 in N. Dakota to Theodore Roosevelt NTl Park but then I found out that the road from there to the Mt Rushmore area is awful so it will just have to wait. Also, we will need to plan a trip to Alaska for next year. Then we will have all 50 states !

I was stunned by the size of Lake Erie and I think that Lake Erie is the 4th largest of the Great Lakes. We are in a state campground in a park on the shore of Lake Erie. We have learned that 20% of the earth's fresh water supply is in the 5 Great Lakes. The overflow from 4 of the Great Lakes flows down the Niagara River over Niagara Falls and then continues to Lake Ontario and from there is flows to the ocean. Lake Superior is the largest of the lakes (we won't get that far north). I think that I read that it contains 3,000 cubic miles of water. Can you get your mind around that?

We leave for Michigan tomorrow.

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