Thursday, May 14, 2009


We drove from Washington DC to outside of Philadelphia yesterday. It was a short drive but we had to go thru the middle of Baltimore. I never thought of Baltimore as a port city but there were all of these huge cargo ships being loaded or unloaded. Also you go thru this really long tunnel that I assume went under the bay. The little bit of Delaware that we saw was pretty but Pennsylvania is absolutely gorgeous. Old, old buildings and big farms. Some how when I think of the east I always think wall to wall people but there is a lot of rural area.

We are in a KOA here so we immediately hit the laundry to do 6 loads of wash. We will be here 5 days. We take a tour into Philadelphia and to Valley Forge tomorrow. It is rainy today but we will go for a ride to the Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch area. There are supposed to be over 20 covered bridges in Lancaster County so we'll go see what we can find.

On Saturday we may try to run over to Hershey. I've heard that the whole town smells of chocolate. I'll probably gain 10 pounds just driving thru.

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