Thursday, May 14, 2009

Amish country, Lancaster PA

Lancaster Pennsylvania

Can you see the horse & buggy in the background parked in the parking lot?

Buggy coming toward us.

We had the most fabulous ride today. We went over to Lancaster County. We didn't manage to find any covered bridges but we did pass many of the Amish farm and the little buggies on the road. We went into Lancaster but didn't get out of the truck to look at anything. There were many old buildings in the town. It is the oldest inland town in the US. It was first settled in 1709 by the Germans (Pennsylvania Dutch - Deutsch). The town itself had lots of "row houses" where the houses all share walls.

We saw a team of 6 mules hooked to a plow out in a field and many of the cute little buggies. We saw a lot of the little boys in the Amish hats and girls in scarves in plain dresses. All of the roads are narrow and winding with lots of trees and lush undergrowth.

We stopped at a Kitchen Kettle village where they had all sorts of jam, relishes, smoked meats and cheeses. There were lots of other places with handmade wood furniture, fabric, antiques, and quilts.

I have one picture of a horse and buggy parked in the parking lot at a store. Tomorrow we go off on our tour from 8 am to 6 pm. Should be tired after that !

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