Saturday, May 16, 2009

Philadelphia, Valley Forge, Covered Bridges

Valley Forge. Reproductions of the huts that the soldier built to stay in the winter. 12 men stayed in each

Liberty Bell
Independence Hall

Buggy caution sign on the road

Covered bridge

We had a full day yesterday with the tour of Philadelphia. We went to Independence Hall where they agreed to adopt the Declaration of Independence and to declare war on Britain. Nearby, we saw the Liberty Bell and then we walked down to where Benjamin Franklin had his house. The house had been torn down but they had places where they had excavated down to the foundation of the house and a lovely museum with some of his inventions. We also went to Betsy Ross's house (reminded us of Paul Revere's house.. small rooms and very skinny staircases). We saw Elfreth's Alley which is the oldest continually occupied street in America. St Augustine had the oldest street but the town had been abandoned several times so was not continually occupied. We also saw Christ Church where George Washington had a stepping stone and a door into the church that were reserved solely for his use. We got to step on the stepping stone and sit in his pew. The church had a baptismal font that was 600 years old. Amazing.
The tour then took us to Valley Forge where they had an interesting movie on the Revolutionary War. Evidently some of the stories about the soldiers starving and going naked were a little exagerated but it was a tough winter none the less.

Today we went back to Lancaster County to find the covered bridges and to see more of the Amish Country. The directions to the bridges took us way off the beaten path and we saw the most interesting things. Lots of farm work with teams of horses, one room school houses where the Amish educate their children and a couple of old covered bridges. Many of the children were outside working in the garden and we saw some older girls with gas powered weed eaters. All of the Amish waved and were so friendly. We stopped at one place and bought some fresh produce from their garden and baked goods. Their farms are all so beautifully maintained and their gardens are beautiful.

Tomorrow we are going to an old church that we passed the other day while we were lost. I finally managed to find it again. They are celebrating their 289 anniversary !

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