Saturday, May 30, 2009

Boston today

Happy Donnie !

Old State House

We managed to find the subway station and get on the train ok this morning. We had trouble figuring the subway situation out the last time that we were in Boston but we did much better today. We got off the train at Boston Commons which is a big park and at one end of the Freedom trail. We did the entire Freedom Trail the last time we were in Boston so we just did part of it today.

We walked from Boston Common to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market. We stopped in at our favorite Irish Pub for lunch of ...what else... lobster. We took the ferry from Long Wharf over to the Charlestown Navy Yard where the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) is docked. I love the ferry ride because you get such a great view of the city. We didn't do the tour of the Constitution again but did watch a movie on it's years of service as a Navy ship. She is still a commissioned Navy ship.
We walk by the Old State House which was the sight of the Boston Massacre. I think that the balcony of that building is where the Declaration of Independence was read aloud to the Bostonians.

It was a great day. About 77 degrees and a nice break from the rain and cold. After our big lunch we came back and roasted a hotdog over the firepit for dinner.

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