Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Went to Kentucky instead !

We went to a place last night where new country songwriters perform their music hoping to break into the business. That was really fun. Each one sang 2 songs and we listened to 7 or 8 different people before it was our bedtime and we had to go home.

I got up this morning and decided that we would go thru Kentucky instead of going back up I-40 the way we went to Nashville. I was surprised because as soon as we got into Kentucky it looked different. Lots of rolling hills with beautiful thick grass pastures. The trees (dogwood and redbud) are all in bloom and leafing out.

We went thru Bowling Green and passed the GM corvette plant. There was also a National Corvete museum but we didn't stop. We went very close to Mammoth Caves National Park but we didn't stop there either. There is no handicap accessibility to those caves so we will pass them up.

We will go thru Cumberland Gap National Historic Park tomorrow on our way into Virginia. We will stay in a Kentucky State park tonight

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