Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cumberland Gap Ntl Park and on to Virginia

We ended up spending the night at Cumberland Gap National Park last night. We made better time than we thought we would through Kentucky. The campground in the Ntl Park was great. It even had electric hookups for $8.50 a night with our discount. The drive along the Cumberland Mountains today was great. There were such beautiful farms with big old houses and barns. Lots more redbud trees, fruit trees and even tulips in bloom today.

We've were able to have a campfire the last 2 nights. We b-qued steak last night and hamburgers tonight. Hum.

We are in Hungry Mother State Park in Virginia. Isn't that a weird name? I still haven't seen an explanation for the name. There is a small lake here and a pretty stream runs thru the campground. We will move on to Appomattox National Park tomorrow. There isn't a campground there but there is another Virginia State Park near by.

It was pretty cool again today but no rain. Tomorrow is supposed to be around 70 but then it will be in the 80's for then next 5 days or so. I'm looking forward to that.

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Doug & Karen Stewart said...

Cathi and Don...i'm enjoying your blog. I use it to "escape" work. Plus Cathi, you have always worn your happy emotions on your sleeve, and i get thrilled with you about the shuttle launch, or the trees in bloom, or the rich history of a place. And you've got some great photos in there...i especially like the alligators basking with the water birds.