Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday in Nashville

We went to church at another huge church on Sunday. This is a picture of the sanctuary. You can't see half of the room plus the huge balcony above that probably could hold a thousand people or more. The Sunday School class (both the room and the number of people) was larger than our whole church at home. The church has almost 7000 members. There was another huge one just a few miles down the road. Everyone was very friendly and nice and interested in our trip. They had more beautiful music with a full orchestra. We went out to eat after church. Then we just came back to the trailer and watched basketball because it was absolutely pouring down rain.

We had to take the truck in to get the brakes checked (they were ok) and the oil changed this morning. Then we scrubbed the truck and trailer really good at the KOA washing area and did the laundry in their big laundry room. One thing about KOAs, they have everything you need. We are all ready to take off for Virginia tomorrow.

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