Sunday, March 15, 2009

More Launch

I'm putting 2 posts out today so I can put on the 2nd bad video that I made :-).

We watched the launch from 6 miles away. Even NASA personnel are at least 3 miles away because the noise (182 decibels) from the launch would kill you if you were next to it.


Dawn said...

I think the first video was my favorite- but they were both awesome. What a wonderful once in a lifetime opportunity. YAY! I am so glad you got to see this. Amazing.

Chuckk said...

Hi: I just typed a long comment and this darn thing didn't accept my password. Enjoyed seeing the launch even if we had to stand on our heads. We came within a couple of days back in 1969/70 of seeing one of the first launches down there after it was moved to the new Center. But they didn't have good communications then of launches and with no e-mails we were working in the dark a lot. Just a note, when I worked at Whiteman AFB MO the shuttle on the back of a 747 had to be diverted from TX because of a storm. We saw it on the runway awaiting and then take off on the back of the airplane. Talk about size and noise. We saw a lot at the end of the runway where I worked like the day a B-2 Bomber pilot flying a trainer T-38 ran off the end of the runway into the field and his plane had to be towed back on the runway and to the hanger (the pilot went back to school--good thing!!). Have fun down there this year. Don't forget the fun you had this year and come back to TX and Padre next winter--TX is great in winter. Love, Chuck and Pam