Sunday, March 15, 2009

Launch was a GO !!

WARNING: If you are going to watch the video in a public place you might want to turn your sound off. My screaming is very loud !

WOW !! I can't believe that we actually managed to see a shuttle launch. It was so astounding... beyond my ability to describe really. We watched it from a field by the Astronaut Hall of Fame. All the the tickets for the closer view site were sold out long ago. But they had an astronaut on hand to answer questions and a huge screen with pictures from inside the orbiter as the astronauts were getting loaded onto it. We had the conversations between the astronauts and launch control. It was so amazing.

I took some fairly bad video. I was so excited and the light was so bright, I had trouble keeping the shuttle in the picture. I've also got it oriented wrong so you have to turn your head to watch it. Oh, well.
I wouldn't have missed seeing that for the world. Only now I want to see another one from the other viewing area. See.. never happy !

It has been a long day between church this morning and the mother of all traffic jams trying to get away from the space center after the launch.

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