Saturday, March 14, 2009

Haircut and day at the beach

Yesterday, I chopped my hair off really short. It's shorter than Donnie's in the back. I'm growing out to my natural hair color and decided if I cut off quite a bit it would cut off a lot of the colored hair. Also, the wind blows all the time here in Florida so I thought that it would be easier to handle. It feels good.

It is cloudy and trying to rain today but we went to the beach anyway. The worst day and the beach is still better than most days. I hope that the weather won't impact the launch if they get the mechanical issues resolved. There is supposed to be a meeting at 3 pm today with a press conference at 4 to announce the latest plans for the launch.

We are hoping that our plans for tomorrow are church in the morning and launch in the evening.

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Dawn said...

Cute new haircut!