Thursday, March 12, 2009

Launch looks ok for Sunday

We are hoping for the best on the launch. I was reading the local paper and they were saying that the launch could go Sunday, Monday or Tuesday but then it would have to be postponed until April. So ... we will just hope that everything is a go for one of those days. We take off for the Everglades on Thursday morning.

One good thing about yesterday was that I saw a dolphin swimming in the water off of the causeway over to the space center. That was exciting. I only saw it for a second but it was cool anyway. It was like a wildlife sighting in Yellowstone. The traffic on the causeway almost came to a stop so I started looking to see if they were looking at something in the water.

We also went into a building with a bunch of the Hubble telescope pictures. I must say that I have always been blown away by all of God's creation and how amazing the world is .... but the whole size of the universe just causes my mind to freeze up. I consider myself a fairly bright person but the physics and engineering involved in all of the space exploration stuff just does me in. I can't wrap my mind around it. Who in the world in their right mind thought any of this would work? Let's sit some people on top of an explosion equal to an atomic bomb and send them up into space at just the right time to meet up with the space station going 17,500 miles an hour 90 miles up. What a good idea ??

It was a boring chores kind of a day today. We have to go back into town to get the truck brakes worked on in the morning but hopefully can hit the beach or something in the afternoon

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