Monday, February 2, 2009

Seminole State Park

We are out of Big Bend now. We drove down to Seminole State Park which has a canyon with a lot of Indian pictographs. Unfortunately, most of them are on walking paths that are way too long for us. But we do have electric and wifi connection .... amazing ! Especially since the park seems to be out in the middle of absolutely nowhere. It's kind of desolute here but nice and warm so we will stay here until Wednesday morning and then go on to Chuck and Pam's house in Seguin.

It is amazing how many RVers there are down here. We have seen people from Illinois, New York, Michigan, California, Washington, Kentucky... all over. The volunteers are interesting too. They come from all over also. The campground host here has volunteered in Olympic National Forest in Washington, Joshua Tree National Park in California and who knows where else. We have talked to several people that do this every winter. Some who do it full time. At church on Sunday at Big Bend Baptist Church.. ... (isn't that a great name for a Baptist church?), about half the folks there were snowbirds.

We stopped at the Judge Roy Bean Museum. It was cool. They had the bar that Judge Roy Bean owned was still there and the building that he called the "Opera House" was also there. The Opera House was actually his home. The Jersey Lilly was the name of his saloon, which he named after Lilly Langtree (an actress and singer .... the Jessica Simpson of her time !). They also had a lovely cactus garden....seems like everybody does here.

We are sitting here watching several birds trying to get a drink from the water spigotat the camp site. There is a beautiful red Jay of some kind and one that looks like it may the female jay.

I guess it's time to go out for a walk before dark.

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