Sunday, February 1, 2009

Big Bend - Last day

We have had a wonderful time at Big Bend. We came in to Terguela (sp?) again today for church. They have a lovely small Baptist Church here. It has been so interesting to be in different churches every Sunday. We went to a spot day before yesterday where the Rio Grande river cuts thru this canyon between these tall rock walls. Reminded us of Utah sort of. Yesterday we went up to the Chiso Basin which is about 5800 feet elevation and has pine trees mixed with the cactus. Very interesting. We finally saw some Javelinas (ha-va-leenas) there. I was so frustrated because we hadn't seen any at all. Everybody just kept saying that they were everywhere....apparently everywhere that we weren't.
Donnie was even able to take a couple of the shorter more level hikes yesterday. One went down to a hot springs right by river. There were wild flowers growing out of the cliff next to the path and swallow nests up on the cliffside. Very cool.

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