Sunday, February 8, 2009

Seguin, Texas

We have been busy doing miscellaneous housekeeping type chores. We got our hair cut, the oil changed in the truck, prescriptions filled, trailer cleaned etc. Pam had surgery the week before we got here so she has had limited activity. We have been able to help out a little bit. She seems much better than when we first got here. We are having a nice visit. Usually, we fly in and it just seems more rushed ... although I think that we will only be staying about a week like we usually do. Depending on the weather, we will probably take off for Corpus Christi on Wednesday. It has been very windy here but nice and warm.

We went to another church this morning. I think that this one is my favorite so far. They had a mixture of old hymns and more modern worship music, a band with guitars and drums (eat your heart out, Brian), a worship team and a choir. The message was good and everyone was friendly.

For my church family, I have found that we probably need to get a US flag & Christian flag.... everybody seems to have them. Every church so far has had a set. You'd laugh if you could see Donnie & I checking out the audio/visual stuff, how the sactuary is set up etc. Also, a big thing is special parking close to the door for visitors. We have appreciated that especially at the larger churches. Also, a lot of the churches seems to be taking the offering at the very end of the service... that seemed interesting.

I was trying to think which churches we have been to so far:

Hope Baptist, Las Vegas, NV
First Baptist Church of Stanfield, AZ
First Baptist Church of Carlsbad, NM
Big Bend Baptist Church, Terlingua, TX
First Baptist Church of Seguin, TX

Wow, seems like we've been gone more than 5 Sundays.

I'll try to post a picture later of our rig outside of Chuck & Pam's place

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