Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Off to Big Thicket Ntl Park

I've figured out how you add a comment to my blog. At the end of each days blog, there is a "0 comment" or "1 comment". If you click on that link, you can add a comment.

I thought of a couple of things that I forgot yesterday. A few of you know that I was taking high blood pressure medication for the last couple of years before I retired. It had gotten up to about 190/140 (yikes !). I told my dr in December that I thought that I would be able to go off of the medication when I was retired. So, I check it after a couple of weeks and sure enough it was down to 100/62. I started cutting the pills in half (the dr said that I could do that). Then I tried skipping a day here and there. Then I took it again, it was down to 84/68. So I quit taking the medication while I was still concious. :-)

We've discovered that we are down to a launch at Cape Canaveral on March 5 and April 6. Donnie kind of wanted to try to head straight there to see if we could catch the March 5 launch. But it is over 900 miles and you still don't have any guarantee that the launch won't be postponed. So I think that we will just stick to our original schedule and hope for the best. If we can't catch a launch, so be it.

We will have a very short driving day today. Off to Kountze, TX just outside of Big Thicket Ntl Park. We have hit almost all of the National Parks in Texas. I think after we see Big Thicket we will have 8 out of 13 that we've seen.

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