Monday, February 23, 2009

Left San Padre (sigh) now past Houston

We are finally back in the land of communications. We stopped at a regular RV park tonight to do laundry and have electric for a change. Boy, it was hard to leave San Padre. We had the best time. Even Sunday when it was really very cool (55 for a high). We went into the early church service (9 am) and then we just fiddled around the trailer. We are thinking that we might come back down to San Padre for a month or so next winter. Everyone was so friendly. We ate fish almost every night from somebody giving us fish that they had caught. We have 3 fish meals frozen for later.

It's been so long since I blogged, I don't know where to start. I got in the habit every day of taking one or two walks on the beach that were just for picking up trash. It was hard to believe everything that washed up on the beach because of the crazy currents into the Gulf of Mexico. It all ends up on San Padre Island. One day I picked up 3 hard hats, about 15 water bottles, and a bunch of flip flops. Luckily, we had good shelling the first couple of days because after that we weren't able to find much in the way of shells.

One day we went into a little town at the far north end of San Padre island. It was a cute little touristy, fishing kind of town. We road the ferry across the inlet and back. It's about 100 feet across but they have to ferry you across because of the big boats going back and forth up and down the inlet. We were able to get some fresh shrimp there. It was an amazing little fish store. They had like 8 coolers full of fresh shrimp sorted by size. The biggest one were huge.

It was interesting after we left San Padre this morning how the land changed as we drove east. When we started it was the usual Texas mesquite trees (small bush like), creosote bushes, and wild grass. When we got outside of Houston, it turned into this beautiful farm land. Looked like they mostly grow wheat and cattle.

I didn't realize what a large city Houston is. Lots of tall buildings. We managed to scoot thru there without incident. It's good to be on the east side of that for tomorrow. We will head out to Big Thicket National Park tomorrow. There is no campground there so we will be staying somewhere close by.

I need you folks to put some comments on here. I feel like I'm blogging into a black hole. Not really... I hear from different folks that they are reading!. Anyway, if you can figure out how....leave me a comment. I'd love to hear from you

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