Thursday, February 26, 2009

Natchez is great !

We had a fabulous day. Went on a tour of Melrose and antebellum (turned out I was spelling that wrong) mansion. The town is made up of all of these beautiful old buildings and lots of the antebellum mansions. I had read so much about the Natchez bluff and the under-the-hill (where the saloons and brothels used to be !) that it was exciting to see. We ate lunch at a place overlooking the Mississippi River.

The azaleas and camelias are all in bloom. So pretty ! There are huge magnolia trees and cyprus trees with the spanish moss hanging off.

We are heading off toward Vicksburg tomorrow and will stay in a campground on the Natchez Trace Parkway. The old Natchez Trace was used for hundreds of years by the Indians for moving between Tennesee and Natchez (444 miles). Then it was used by French & Spanish explorers. It was then used by settlers and all sorts of people moving back and forth from North to South until the steam ships started going up and down the Mississippi.

We will then start heading for the Cape Canaveral area. There is one rocket launch scheduled for March 5 or 6 and they have tentatively added a shuttle launch for March 12. I just made reservations for a campground about 20 miles south of there for 3/4 thru 3/19. We will hope for the best and hope that we get to see at least one launch.

Can't seem to add pics tonight so I'll try later

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Doug & Karen Stewart said...

cathi...i have enjoyed your blogging...especially that your blood pressure went down (i need a dose of that)...we have enjoyed some of the places you have visited...Carlsbad, where my mom and dad used to live, where we fed the ducks and geese down at the Pecos river on Christmas day one year, where we visited the caverns, where i rode my dad's motorcycle through some of the neighborhoods close to their house...Padre Island, where we celebrated Karen's grandmother's 90th birthday with a family reunion (Karen's side), when Ian was a baby, where we met some pre-teen Texas girls who thought Ian was a cute baby so they asked us, "whuts the baybeez nime?" (what's the babies name)..we replied Ian...they got this puzzled look on their faces, and pressed, "do y'all mane lack Pizza INN ?" (we said Ian; in their minds they heard Inn) : )...God bless you, and thru you...Doug Stewart