Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Change in plans.. we are in Natchez, Miss

We were looking at the roads up to Natchitoches, LA and what there was to see and decided to just drive across Louisiana today and go straight to Natchez, Mississippi.

I had no idea that west central Louisiana was so beautiful. Thick, thick pine forests. Lots of logging in that area. The redbud trees were in bloom. There is this vine (I can't remember the name of it) that winds around the bushes and trees that is in bloom with yellow blossoms. The grass and the fields are all very green. Then around Alexandria we ran more into the bayou country with cyprus trees and lots of cotton fields. The cotton has all been harvested and they just getting ready to replant.

We will be in Natchez State Park for at least tomorrow night. We might stay for Friday also. It looks like the weather over the weekend and Monday is going to be rainy and cold no matter where we are. Even as far south as Pensicola, Florida it looks like it will be pretty cool. (60 for a high, 35 or so for a low) Yikes !

But we will just turn on the furnace and put on the sweatshirts.... no big deal.

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