Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Donnie's prothetic leg

One thing that I didn't mention from yesterday was that before we got home from the city, Donnie was noticing that his prosthetic leg (foot actually) was acting funny and making a funny noise. When we got home he thought that maybe he could just tighten it up but when he looked there was actually a sizable crack in the "ankle" joint that hold the foot on the shaft part of the leg.

Thank God, we were able to find a prosthetist close to the state park where we are. They were able to work us in at 1 pm today and she actually had a part that would work as a replacement. Whew ! We were thinking that we might have to start back home...praying that the leg would hold together until we could get there. But... miraculously...we walked out with the leg as good as new.

We had gone and dumped the holding tanks before the appointment so that we wouldn't have to worry about them in case they needed to keep his leg for a day or two for repair. We also went grocery shopping, filled the truck with fuel and did two loads of wash. (They have washers and dryers that you can use for free here)

So all in all a very good day.

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