Saturday, January 29, 2011

Padre Island

Fish Fry

Magic and a ghost crab


We are enjoying Padre Island as much as we have the other two years. Yesterday was a gorgeous day with highs in the 70's. All of the fisherman hosted a fish fry pot luck. I took Utah funeral potatoes which were a huge hit. I had to pass out the recipe. Wes had several different kind of fish that the guys had caught out of the Gulf of Mexico.

We have met lots of nice people. There are several that we have known from previous years.

Magic the dog is learning to enjoy the beach. He has figured out that chasing birds is fun. We will be here until a week from Monday. Then we have to leave for 2 days. We may go back for an addition 5 days or we may stay around Corpus Christi for that time.

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