Saturday, January 22, 2011

Historic Brownsville

Went downtown to Historic Brownsville. They have refurbished the old Southern Pacific train depot and turned it into a museum. It was interesting. Then down the street was a cool old cemetery (you know how I love old cemeteries !). We saw a bunch of cemeteries coming down west Texas. There are all of these above ground crypts kind of like in Louisiana. Also lots of flowers and decorations.

There is a beautiful old cathedral close by but the first time we went by they were holding a funeral. The second time, we stopped but they were having mass so I couldn't get any pictures of the inside. I did get some postcards from the cathedral gift shop.

This afternoon we just did some cleaning and took it easy. Check out the big poinsettia bush in the RV park. There are also orange, grapefruit and mango trees.

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