Monday, November 22, 2010

Yuma, AZ

We are all settled in Yuma, AZ. We enjoyed the week with Betty & Leroy. We went to the new Harry Potter movie. (It was great !! Best yet, I think). We went shopping a couple of times. Yesterday went up to one of the casinos in the area. We were amazed the thing was huge ... out in the middle of nowhere.

The whole area around Salton Sea is really very run down and icky. Kind of surprising so close to Palm Springs. The state park was nice and the views were fabulous. The lake with all of the wintering sea birds (lots of pelicans, herons, etc) and the mountains as a back drop is very pretty. We did find some larger towns where you could tell there was lots of money involved. Lots of gated communities.

We are in a small RV park to the East of Yuma. We did several loads of laundry and just got done with dinner. We will go exploring tomorrow.

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