Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Joshua Tree Ntl Park

Donnie's sister, Betty & brother-in-law, LeRoy arrived yesterday. They got all set up and settled in. We each fix part of dinner and ate watching the sun set over the mountains behind Salton Sea.

We took off for Joshua Tree Ntl Park late in the morning. It was about 50 miles or more to drive to the park and then the south side of the park isn't nearly as interesting as the northern part. We went on up and saw the big rocks and Joshua trees. We drove on thru to 29 Palms and stopped at a grocery store for some fresh produce and other necessities. We then drove all the way around which the GPS thought was quicker but I have my doubts. We made it back safe and sound.

I think that we will just hang around the campground and be lazy tomorrow.

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