Monday, November 8, 2010

Mission San Juan Capistrano

Church bells from the original bell tower that was destroyed in an earthquake.

Golden altar in the chapel

On the right the remains of the original stone church destroyed in the earthquake

Koi in a pond

We changed our mind and didn't go to the Reagan Library today. It was just too far back up there so we decided to go to Mission San Juan Capistrano instead. I've always loved that place. It is so peaceful there.

It is the 7th of 21 total missions that were created up the California coast. The large stone church was destroyed in an earthquake but there is a lovely little chapel with a stunning gold altar. The flowers were gorgeous in spite of it being November. We then drove up to Huntington Beach but it was too windy to walk on the beach. We drove on up to Long Beach and drove down the Pacific Coast Highway back down to Huntington.

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