Thursday, April 8, 2010

Crab for dinner

The neighbors gave us a bucket full of crab ! They were delicious. We ate them all gone. I don't know what kind they were. They had bright blue claws !

It rained last night (and made a mess out of the truck & trailer). But it cleared off in the early afternoon and was absolutely beautiful.

We are saying goodbye to the beach. We have more or less set our path for the rest of the trip. We will go up thru Mississippi and catch the Natchez Trace somewhere north of Jackson. We will go up to Nashville and see some of the things that we missed last year. I don't think that we will go to the Grand Ole Opry again. We'll then go up through Kentucky, southern Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, and Wyoming to home. Of course, this is always open to change depending on how we feel on any given day :-)

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