Monday, June 1, 2009

Salem...stayed away from the witches


The House of the Seven Gables

Salem was a cute little port town in spite of the witch history. You could tell that everyone was taking advantage of the whole witch hunt thing but we stayed away from the witch museums. We did see The House of Seven Gables which was built in 1668 (I think). We had a lovely lunch overlooking the harbor and went to the maritime museum.

Salem was once the richest town in the US (in the early 1800s) because of the "privateers" that lived there. The privateers were like the US's first unofficial Navy. They would capture British merchant ships during the Revolutionary War and keep them and their cargo. There were many huge, old houses in the town.

Also, as we were driving over to Salem, I was thinking that it was like moving around a Monopoly Board because of the names that we saw. Reading (Reading Railroad), Atlantic Ave and such. Well, turns out that the company that created Monopoly and Clue was located in Salem.

Off to Maine tomorrow. Less than a month now until we get home.

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