Friday, June 5, 2009

New Brunswick and Acadia Ntl Park

Fabulous couple of days. Yesterday we drove up to St Stephens, New Brunswick Canada. There were lots of trees and tiny little towns but not much else. We then drove about 50 kilometers over to St George and St Andrew on Bay of Fundy. I'm not sure that I can remember everything that I read about the Bay of Fundy. For some reason, it has really extreme high and low tides. You'll have to look it up on the internet. Very interesting. The tide was out so we got to see how low it goes.

Today we took the Park Loop road thru Acadia Ntl Park. We went up to the summit of Cadillac Mountain with is 1530' elevation. Doesn't sound like much to us westerners but right next to the ocean... you can see forever. All you can see is water, trees and rock. Fabulous. The loop road runs right next to the rocky coast which is great. I'm prejudiced and think nothing beats the Oregon Coast but it's great anyway.

We are sitting next to the harbor ...eating lobster again.

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