Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Old Post Office Bldg White House

View from the Old Post Office Tower

White House

Old Post Office Bldg

We took it pretty easy today. I was really sore from the long hike yesterday. We went to the Old Post Office Building which is really a cool old building. It was built in 1899 and was Washington's first "skyscraper". The tower is twelve stories high. You have a great view of DC without having to climb the Washington Monument.

The area around the Old Post Office and the White House has a lot of government business buildings. There are these black Lincoln towncars driving around and mysterious big black SUVs. We walked right by the FBI building but they don't allow tours of the building any more. (Too bad because that is one that I missed the last time we were here).

Then we walked on to the White House. They allow foot traffic to walk up to the fence on the Washington Monument side of the White House. All of the trees, shrubs and lawn were in perfect order. I even took a picture of a guy trimming the grass with a weed-eater. Somehow it was surprising to see such normal activities taking place. There is a visitor center across the street from the White House with an interesting film on the history of the house.

If I'm not too tired tomorrow, we will try the Capitol and Supreme Court tomorrow.

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