Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A bunch of monuments and memorials

One million dollars in$10 bills

Washington Monument from the Lincoln monument with capitol in the background

Jefferson Monument

Lincoln Monument

Whew, we are exhausted. It wasn't raining today so we took off for the Washington Monument, then we walked over to the Bureau of Printing and Engraving (where they print the money) to check on tour times. We had time to walk over to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial which is so pretty. We ate our lunch on a park bench before the tour. I can't remember if I said already but we pack a lunch every day. I can't believe how inexpensive DC has been for us. The camping is $8 a day, parking at the Metro station is $4.25 a day except weekends which are free and the Metro is $1.85 each way for each of us. So I figure that we are doing this for about $20 a day. All of the museum, monuments etc are free to get into so that makes it about the cheapest thing that we have done.

Anyway, the Bureau of Printing and Engraving was very cool. All of these stacks and stacks of money in various stages of being printed. Between the two centers (one here one in Fort Worth), the print about $750 million dollars every day, Monday thru Friday. Most of it is to replace damaged or worn out money already in circulation.

Then we went back to the Washington Monument and walked down to the WW II memorial. We had not been to that before. It was very impressive with huge pillars for each state and a lovely pool and fountain in the middle. Then we walked up by the reflecting pool to the Lincoln Monument. The last time we were here we saw that at night which is really a better time to see it. It is very special. To the side of that is the Vietnam Memorial. Donnie didn't want to see that again so I just ran over and took a quick picture.

As we came around the other side of the Washington Monument on our way back to the Metro station, we could see the White House across the way. We will try to go down by there and into the White House Visitor Center. The last time we were here we just drove by the White House. It is too complicated to try to get a tour. You have to go thru your Congressman. Took too much advanced planning.

By this time, we were so exhausted that we took turns riding in the wheelchair. I'm not sure that I'll be able to get out of bed tomorrow.

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