Sunday, May 10, 2009

Museum of the American Indian & quiet Sunday

Museum of the American Indian
We went back to the Mall yesterday and went thru the American Indian Museum. That museum had not been built when we were here last time. I couldn't believe how impressive the place was. They start off with an amazing presentation that is like a movie but hard to describe. There are images on the ceiling and reflecting off of a huge stone in the floor. There were different exhibits on ancient indian artifacts and current indian tribes and what they are doing. It took several hours to tour the whole thing.

Yesterday was Donnie's birthday but we didn't do anything special. We had eaten out twice the other day and didn't want to fight the crowds on a Saturday night so we just barbequed hots dogs over the campfire.

On the way back I tried to take a movie of the House sculpture in the Sculpture Garden. The thing just fascinates me with how it appears to move when you walk around it. I'm not sure if it will come across with the smaller blog pictures or not. (At least I remembered to turn the camera the right way this time).

Today we went to church at that lovely church and again they sang all my favorite songs. I think that we felt the most at home at this church. Had a nice Mother's Day with an e-card and web chats with the kids.

I went thru and made reservations all the way through to get us home because with summer coming we are afraid that we will get caught out with no place to stay. The way that the plans are now it looks like we will be home on June 29. Just about 9 days short of 6 months.

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