Monday, May 25, 2009


It is so beautiful in Connecticut. Lots of quaint little towns with white clapboard houses with black shutters. All of the towns are well kept with old churches and town halls. The state park where we are is absolutely gorgeous. Lots of huge trees and boston ferns.

I must say that farms in the east have the biggest barns I have ever seen. They are like 3 stories tall. There is a lower floor and then the barn is either built on a hillside or there is a dirt ramp built up. Then things can be pulled into the barn on the 2nd story also. The 3rd story looks like a normal hay loft. I'd say that they are at least 10 feet taller than most western barns and are twice as long. Most have at least one grain silo on them also which you don't see out west.

Off to the Boston area tomorrow for a week.

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