Sunday, May 24, 2009

Church and a tour of West Point today

I figured out a huge advantage to going to a different church each Sunday. You can wear the same thing every Sunday ! Good thing because I didn't bring very many things that aren't jeans and t-shirts.

After church we drove up to West Point. It was pretty quiet there today except for a bunch of weddings. The Air Force Academy used to be the same way. The cadets can't marry while they are at the academies so the day after graduation, a bunch of them get married.

West Point was an important fort during the Revolutionary War and then was turned into the military college. It sits on a tall hill above the Hudson River with beautiful views in all directions. The buildings are very, very impressive. It sounds like a tough place to get into and also a tough place to stay in. It is ranked as the top college in the country. Young people that are that focused at age 17 or 18 fascinate me.

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