Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Settled in Melbourne, Florida

We are settled into our camp south of Melbourne, Florida. I thought that we would be closer to the Atlantic Ocean but we are a couple of miles down a road. Everyone in the campground is very friendly.

We've had an interesting couple of days driving down here. Somewhere along the way, we crossed the Suwanee river (Way down upon the Swanee River, far, far away).. Really, they even had the musical notes under the name of the river. We camped at a place called Falling Waters State Park. It was the highest place in Florida.... at 324 feet ! There was this cool natural feature there. There were these huge sink holes. They were caused by something to do with limestone... sorry, I forgot what the sign said. The one sinkhole was 100 feet deep with a waterfall that fell 73 feet into the bottom of it. Then there was a cavern in the bottom of the sink hole so that the water just disappears. There were lots of trees and ferns growing all around it was beautiful.

Then last night. we got to Lake Griffin State Park to find that their campground was completely full. Yikes... but they let us camp in their parking lot. It was really cool. It had a little canal running next to it that had a warning sign "No swimming. Alligators !" . There was a lovely nature walk with palmettos, ferns, and lots of other plants that I couldn't identify.

We will be here in this Long Point Park campground until March 19. The shuttle is scheduled to launch on March 12. There is another rocket that is supposed to launch Friday night about 11 pm. For some reason, they don't sell tickets to any launch except the shuttle but we've heard that we will be able to see the other rocket launch from here.

I guess tomorrow we started planning what all to do while we are here.


Dawn said...

This is one of my favorite posts yet! Rocket launch, dangerous waters full of alligators and something to do with limestone! It all sounds fantastic. Give my love to Donny. Keep the posts coming.

Anonymous said...

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