Monday, March 23, 2009

Quick update from the Everglades

I'm sitting outside of one of the Visitor Centers here at the Everglades. Thought that I would just let everybody know that we are fine and having a great time. It has been pretty cool (75 - 78) and windy but that has kept the humidity and mosquitoes down. We have seen lots of alligators and different kinds of birds. There is an anhinga bird that swims underwater and spears fish with it's beak. It stays underwater for about a minute at a time.

The alligators seem very uninterested in the tourists. On Saturday, we saw a mother alligator with about 10 babies. She laid between the tourist path and the place where the babies were laying out in the sun.

We can definitely tell that we are not in Utah any more. There are palm trees, mangroves (they have breathing tubes), strangler figs, mahgony trees (one right by our trailer at the campground), live oaks, palmettos, cypress and lots of sawgrass. The Everglades is nothing like I thought that it would be. I thought that it would all be big cypress trees with spanish moss and swamp but it isn't that way at all.

We will go over to Biscayne National Park tomorrow. It is all underwater so we won't be seeing anything except the visitor center. We were hoping to take a glass-bottom boat ride but I think that it will be too windy. Wednesday we will take off for the Keys for 2 days.

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