Sunday, February 15, 2009

San Padre update

Well, it turns out that I do have some internet at the campsite after all. It is very, very s--l--o--w but still better than nothing. We have had such a good time the last 2 days. We were invited to a fish fry by the folks in the campsite across the street. He had caught a bunch of fish from the ocean in front of the campground. We all brought a little something and they supplied the fish (plus potatoes, cornbread and dessert & coffee). There were about 10 of us from the campground. It was great fun. Then we discovered that they worked with Disaster Recovery with the Southern Baptist Convention in Indiana. What are the chances of Baptists from Utah camping across the street from Baptists from Indiana? We went to a church here on the island with the Indiana folks this morning. It was a very contemporary service. We didn't know too many of the songs but the message was very good.

Everyone in the campground is so friendly. We have visited with a bunch of different people. They are all very interested in our satellite dish. It's kind of fun having the cool toy. I walked up & down the beach so much yesterday that I was pretty sore last night but feel better today. They have very different seashells that what I'm used to on the Pacific ocean beaches. It is cold & windy today with rain this morning. I went for a walk after church but it gave me an earache so we are in the trailer organizing.

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