Sunday, January 25, 2009

Restful Sunday

Went to First Baptist Church of Carlsbad, New Mexico today. They have a beautiful building, partly old worship center and a huge new "activity center". The church was established in 1890 and has almost 2000 members. We went to the "old fogey" service at 10:45 cuz the service with the contemporary music and worship band was at 8:30. We are about 20 miles from town so it takes about 1/2 hour to drive in so that was just too early for us.

After church, we washed the truck so Donnie could watch for any more transmission fluid leaking. We will take the truck into the transmission shop tomorrow morning early and hope that it is not anything serious. If the truck has to be in the shop for awhile, we will rent a car so that we can get back and forth to the trailer. We then just came back and organized stuff so that we had everthing we needed out of the truck that we might need.

It was warm today but the wind was really blowing so we stayed in most of the time.

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