Thursday, January 8, 2009

OK, it's official.. WE ARE ON THE ROAD. It still doesn't seem real. We picked up the trailer today and all went well. We had clear roads and good weather. The batteries on the trailer were dead when we got there which caused a problem with the electric jack but we figured it out. The drive from St George to Mesquite charged up the batteries and all seemed ok when we got here. We just went ahead and got one of their fabulous $29.99 room and the 4.99 prime rib dinner ( we are the last of the big time spenders ). We are now all tucked in watching the BCS bowl. Tomorrow we will go to the RV park at the Oasis to fill the water tanks and run everything for at least a day in case there are any problems due to freezing. We didn't winterize the trailer thinking that it would be warm enough in St George that it would be ok but it got very cold so we want to make sure that everything is ok before we move past Las Vegas in case we need any repairs.

It is hard to believe that the dream has begun. Thanks to everyone whose good thoughts and prayers are accompanying us on our way.

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