Friday, January 9, 2009

Frozen pipes... Bummer!

We hooked up the trailer to water today at the RV park in Mesquite... and sure enough we had water running all over from the kitchen sink. We immediately drove into Las Vegas to the nearest Camping World and put the trailer in the shop for a full check up as well as the needed repairs. So we are in another hotel in Vegas but we found a nice Microtel Suite hotel for a reasonable rate that is outside of town.

So I guess we get to just rest up for a few days. I guess Don was right to worry about frozen pipes. Hopefully, we will get everything fixed up and have smooth sailing after this. We will be in Vegas until at least some time on Monday.

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Dawn said...

I hope everything goes ok with the trailer in the shop. We are cheering your adventure on! I love the blog - what a fun way to follow your travels.