Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lake Mead ... in the trailer at last !

Well, this is more like it. I'm inputting this while looking out at beautiful Lake Mead as the sun is setting. We picked up the trailer about 9 am this morning and came directly out to Boulder City to the Lake Mead National Park camp ground. I love a lake view for $5 a night. We've spent all day organizing and checking stuff out. All seems to be running as it should finally.

We kind of want to be in the Phoenix AZ area for the weekend to visit a couple of nieces who live there so we will take off tomorrow morning for Yuma. Too bad cuz I wouldn't mind staying here at Mead for another day or two.

Nice to finally be in our own little house.

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Dawn said...

yay!! Glad you are on the way and enjoying it. Have a great weekend