Friday, January 16, 2009

In Phoenix ... or south of there ... 82 degrees !

I'm having trouble uploading pictures tonight. We are at my niece's house in Stanfield, Arizona. It is about 40 miles south of Phoenix out in the country and my reception is not really great. I didn't have reception at all last night. We stayed at Burro Creek Campground between Wikeaup (sp?) and Wickenburg, Arizona. Pretty much the middle of nowhere.

Today we drove thru Phoenix which took forever. Then we stopped at Casa Grande Ruins National Monument. That was very interesting. It had the Casa Grande (great house) left from the Hohokum indians from several hundred years ago. They had this vast network of irrigation canals that they used to irrigate their crops. Very cool.

We got all set up at my niece's. They have hookup and everything in their backyard. They have 3 1/2 acres, 5 horses, a beautiful house and a lovely goofy dog who loves to be petted. We will try to reach our other niece tomorrow for a visita.

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monroesdream said...

thats my hook-up, but thats ok you can use it. this is not fair I was suppose to retire before you. have fun guys love ya mike ps say hi to debbie for me.