Saturday, January 21, 2012


My niece and Trooper the horse


Sorry that I've been flaking out on the blog. I've gotten lazy and just been posting to Facebook instead.

So we finally got out of Salt Lake on January 5 after a rush trip to Oregon to see my nephew. We picked the trailer up in Mesquite and stayed over night in the RV park there. We went on to Lake Mead and got organized for 6 days. It was nice to walk and rest up before going on. We got into my nieces place south of Phoenix on January 13. We will be here about 10 days, leaving about 1/24 depending on the weather.
We've had a great time with Debbie my niece and went into Mesa one day to meet up with Donnie's sister Betty, brother-in-law, LeRoy and niece Sheri and husband Bill.
We went to the Flea mart yesterday and visited a great-nephew auto repair shop that he just opened.
Today we went horseback riding for a couple of hours out in the desert. It was great fun.

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