Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lazy day today

Mardi Gras day was a wash out so we just went back to the trailer and watched a movie. We did have fun the day before in Eunice and Mamou. They had cajun bands playing on one of the main streets and people were dancing. We then went up to Fred's Lounge in Mamou which is a must stop in that area. We were lucky because they are usually only open on Saturday morning from 9 - 12 with live music. But they were open that Monday so Chuck & Pam could see what it was like. Very crazy place.

I got a bad bladder infection so I spent a couple hours at the Urgent Care place and filling prescriptions. I'm feeling better already. Hopefully in the morning, I'll be pretty good. I did manage to get the laundry done.

Off to Bayou Segnette tomorrow which is across the Mississippi from New Orleans. We will stay there for 10 days and then maybe circle back up to Eunice for the crawfish etouffee cookoff at the end of March.

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