Monday, February 7, 2011

In town for a couple of days




We have come into Padre Island (not really a town but more civilization than the ntl park) which has a county park where we can park the trailer with electric & water hookups. We have to leave the national park every 14 days for 2 days. I think that is meant more for during the times when the campgrounds are actually full but they are enforcing it all the time now. But it's nice to be in town with cell phone and internet for a couple of days.

We sure had some cold weather. I think that it was last Wednesday when the ice storm hit. I was going to make meatloaf and squash for dinner so we invited one of the other campers to dinner. He is by himself so we thought he might appreciate a home cooked meal. He came in about 5 pm, we ate dinner and had a good visit until about 7:30 pm. When he went to go home, he slid off our steps and ended up flat on his back in the driveway. The ice had hit while we were eating. Luckily, he was not hurt but it was an amazing fall. I couldn't help but be glad that it wasn't Donnie or I that went flying out that door. I think perhaps it wouldn't have ended as well.

We had 3 pretty bad days where we just stayed in the trailer most of the time. The dog was not amused at all. I had to lower him out the door while I laid on my stomach because he couldn't stand up on the stairs either. It finally cleared of on Friday and was gorgeous over the weekend.

The weather will be good for the next couple of days but windy.

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